Our machine learning services offer advanced algorithms to help develop systems that solve complex business problems and create innovative business models. We constantly make our AI models smarter through tweaking and learning.

Big Data

We provide data-driven solutions, help to automate business processes and bring intelligence to business. We have worked on many projects in this space and our team is capable of delivering solutions at unparalleled speeds and quality.

Mobile App

We develop applications exclusively for iOS, Android & even hybrid platforms. Our Mobile application development team delivers efficient and seamless products to meet individual business needs as we are well armed with leading-edge technologies.


We build custom progressive web apps that offer combined benefits of both web and mobile world. Our team of highly skilled developers with their expertise deliver solutions that are tailor-made to meet business needs.


At Dexlock, we help expand your automation perspective with brainy Robotic Process Automation solutions. We have a team who expertise in RPA tools that can process and automate the identified business processes.


We have a team of highly experienced and certified developers who use the best open source solutions and web-based platforms to provide full-fledged e-commerce services across the globe.


Dexlock builds end-to-end blockchain software from smart contracts to dApps and DAOs. Our Blockchain developers can build indestructible distributed ledgers that augment digital currency in an agile development process.

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  • Big Data &
    Data Science
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  • Progressive
    Web Apps
  • Robotic Process
  • e-Commerce
  • Decentralized Applications

Dexlock Provides
the Best Big Data & Data Science


The industry and other prominent stakeholders agree that with the volume of data growing exponentially every minute, big data services are in high demand over the last few years. Our experts at Dexlock helps organizations monetize and maximize the value of their data by taking a curated approach. We build a strong foundation of data and generate insights from data mining. Our Data Engineers & Data Scientists dig deep to tackle critical issues that prevent businesses from exploiting opportunities to scale and transform themselves into data-savvy competitors.




It's been a pleasure working with you and the Data Science team. I'll surely need your help with new features that are as elegantly designed as the current ones.

Client Dexlock
- CTO, Geoff Gross, Leap Analysis
Dexlock Testimonials

I wanted to express my appreciation for Dexlock's effort on the recent project. We required a speedy turn around and some UI creativity, and you delivered on both counts.

Client Dexlock
- CEO, Amin El Gazzar, Yieldster
Dexlock Testimonials

Despite our geographical disparities, Dexlock and I have built a great friendship. They have done an outstanding job in the development of our custom software that has gone through numerous iterations.

Client Dexlock
- Managing Director, Ralph Musgrove, DDC
Dexlock Testimonials

We've been with Dexlock for over a year and they've already provided numerous useful updates with bug fixes and speed enhancements. It is really appreciated.

Client Dexlock
- CTO, Stefan Galluppi, Concierge
Dexlock Testimonials

Dexlock's best attribute is their patience and attitude toward clients, as proven by the fact that they have never refused anything I've requested.

Client Dexlock
- CEO, David Hanowski, Cascade
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Any client-based business requires excellent listening skills and the ability to take in feedback and follow instructions. Dexlock has always been extremely accommodating and considerate of my demands.

Client Dexlock
- Founder, Patrik Hansen, Upcomer Sports
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These are nice folks who are around to help your business flourish on the web. Thank you for your unwavering support and greetings to plenty of new opportunities!

Client Dexlock
- Director, Bernard Otu, dzerolabs.io
Dexlock Testimonials

The collaboration between our teams was excellent. Dexlock always brought something new to the table, whether it was solving critical problems or adding new features.

Client Dexlock
- Co-Founder & CTO, Guillermo Schwartz,
Clear Image AI
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