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The client’s requirement was to create a mobile application for ordering food items that help the users to order food items based on their taste from nearby restaurants. They wanted their users to customize cart items even in offline mode.

  • Implementing offline cart operations.
  • Synchronize the local database to the server.
  • Setting delivery addresses for individual customers.
  • Populating food items to the screen creates issues when the number of items increases since it takes much time to load the complete products.
  • Customising each and every item in an order.
  • We have implemented a local database to deal with offline operations. Obviously, it helps to reduce the number of API calls.
  • We were in a confusion that when to perform the offline-online sync Operations. Finally, we came to a conclusion that the synchronization operations will be performed in a fixed time intervals.
  • Customising each and every item in an order.
  • We have implemented the use of google maps to get the current location as well as the delivery location.
  • Proper pagination was used to load the products to the screen so that we can reduce the time for loading, even though the number of items is maximum.
  • We have given options for the user to choose products according to the spice level, portion size, taste level, and special comments for each and every item in the order.
  • Developed a mobile application that allows users to search for and find great food to eat.
  • Works offline by using the local database . The local data is synchronized with the server when the application is first loaded.
  • The google maps and the locations service allows the user to find and order the items from the nearest restaurants.
  • Gives an effective payment system using PayU Payment Gateway.
  • Android SDK.
  • Realm database
  • Google maps
  • .net
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