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  • A full-featured scheduler for planning, managing, and supervising construction projects.
  • A Gantt chart as the core scheduling UI and a Kanban board for overseeing the project progress.
  • Task scheduler for each project listing the time required to complete a specific task.
  • A module to control resource allocation and consumption. The module must compute the materials or tree components required for each task.
  • A Schedule Update Request feature must be available to the user to indicate that a particular task would require more time for completion. The user can add reasons for the delay.
  • Developed a custom Gantt chart leveraging data from the Kanban board. Relations between each task in the Kanban board can be defined with the Gantt Chart.
  • The Gantt chart and task boards are integrated with a material management module called material-master which controls the allocation and consumption of various parts and goods.
  • Implemented a word cloud visualization to easily identify the reasons for the delay in completing tasks.
  • Angular6
  • RxJS
  • Web Components
  • PrimeNG
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