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Collaborative Learning System.

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  • Provide a collaborative learning system based on shared workspaces where the teacher and student can work on/view the same resource.
  • Ability to share PDF documents, draw/generate custom annotations on the PDFs. The teacher can use this to highlight important sections.
  • We built a custom solution based on TogetherJS. TogetherJS is a free, open-source JavaScript library by Mozilla that adds collaboration features and tools.
  • During a session, the teacher and students have audio/video channels to enable real-time communication and a shared Whiteboard where they can express complicated concepts like drawings, equations, etc.
  • The shared whiteboard provides all features of a regular whiteboard along with the ability to take screenshots and save/ revert back to the required states. SVG is used for rendering objects / written artifacts on the Shared Whiteboard.
  • The platform provides the ability to view PDFs and add custom annotations to them. The PDF and the custom annotations are shared in real-time with the option to view the original and annotated PDFs.
  • The sessions can be recorded and stored in WEBM format that can be replayed later.
  • TogetherJS
  • SVG
  • WEBM
  • Web Sockets
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