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An event management application that helps the residents of UAE, with the information of happenings in their city.

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Business Requirement

Our client aimed to facilitate residents’ awareness of city events by recognizing the UAE’s role as a melting pot of cultures. The requirement was not just to provide every individual with a bulk of events happening, but rather provide a personalized curated list of events that matches their interests.

Dexlock proposed a mobile application that collects users’ interest either through a questionnaire or from their social media accounts, if authenticated to fetch the events or happenings that match their interests or tastes, The app also has provisions to book seats for events, and set reminders for events.

  • Dexlock built an android as well as iOS application that helps the residents of UAE get information about the happenings in their city. The app collects the interest of each user via a questionnaire or from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc and gives personalized suggestions of events to the user. The app lists events across various genres like movies, sports, celebrity events, music, food etc. Users can chat with their friends and do group bookings for events in the application.
  • The app also promotes the users to share the app with their friends and get rewards. Each user gets rewarded with an amount and the value gets added in their wallet which can be utilised for booking the events.
  • An organiser dashboard for the event organisers would list the events and the no: of tickets sold for each event. Event organisers can also make amendments to the event details, location, pricing etc. They can also see the number of users who have viewed, dropped-off, browsed, purchased, requested for refund on the dashboard by events.

The application helped the users to discover, plan and book a mix of unique experiences curated especially for them.

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Android
  • Swift
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