DeFi Strategy Composer

Business Requirement
  • To develop an open source framework that has the potential to change adoption within the Decentralized Finance space by dramatically simplifying the UI/UX for non-developers.
  • The open source framework allows anyone to develop their own strategies either by using an inbuilt on-chain composer or entirely off-chain. On-chain refer to transactions that are recorded and verified on the blockchain and Off-chain transactions refer to those transactions occurring on a cryptocurrency network which move the value outside of the blockchain.
  • The framework provides the control to use strategy signals created off-chain which will then be executed by the on-chain liquidity balancer.
  • The framework to have an easy to use UI and UX will give institutional and retail investors access to this fast moving market and will dramatically change adoption within the Decentralized Finance.
  • Developed a framework that helps creating vaults which receives cryptocurrency like a normal wallet, each vault will have a predefined strategy which will manage the investments, where the strategies are predefined set of instructions for a vault to manage its investments based on the varying market trends.
  • Designed a simplified UI/UX for non developers to compose new vault strategies. Designated users can define new vaults, which are deployed using Proxy Contracts. Anyone can add new strategy using the API specifications, instruction set for which are dynamic.
  • An automated strategy monitor is provided to change the investment strategy of a vault by choosing the best yielding strategy after analysing the market trends.
  • User can opt for predefined strategies, available within the platform, for their vaults.
  • The owner of a Vault can define/modify strategy for their vaults as required.
  • A Vault’s owner can define/control the access of other users to their vaults.
  • An option for users to deposit/withdraw cryptocurrency from the vaults.
  • Developed a feature that allows to get price of Cryptocurrencies on-chain.
  • Solidity
  • Web3JS
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • IPFS
  • ReactJS
  • Truffle
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