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Business Requirement
  • To develop an open-source mutual fund model adaptation for cryptocurrency that enables users to tap into the portfolios of leading investment groups in the world and invest in profitable crypto assets. The UI/UX is dramatically simplified for non-tech-savvy users
  • The open-source framework allows anyone to develop their own strategies either by using an inbuilt on-chain composer or entirely off-chain. On-chain refers to transactions that are recorded and verified on the blockchain and Off-chain transactions refer to those transactions occurring on a cryptocurrency network that move the value outside of the blockchain.
  • The framework provides the control to use strategy signals created off-chain which will then be executed by the on-chain liquidity balancer.
  • The framework to have an easy-to-use UI and UX will give institutional and retail investors access to this fast-moving market and will dramatically change adoption within Decentralized Finance.
  • Developed a framework that helps to create vaults that receive cryptocurrency like a normal wallet, each vault will have a predefined strategy that will manage the investments, where the strategies are a predefined set of instructions for a vault to manage its investments based on the varying market trends.
  • Designed a simplified UI/UX for non-developers to compose new vault strategies. Designated users can define new vaults, which are deployed using Proxy Contracts. Anyone can add a new strategy using the API specifications, and the instruction set is dynamic.
  • An automated strategy monitor is provided to change the investment strategy of a vault by choosing the best-yielding strategy after analyzing the market trends.
  • Users can opt for predefined strategies, available within the platform, for their vaults.
  • The owner of a Vault can define/modify the strategy for their vaults as required.
  • A Vault’s owner can define/control the access of other users to their vaults.
  • An option for users to deposit/withdraw cryptocurrency from the vaults.
  • Developed a feature that allowed to get the price of Cryptocurrencies on-chain.
  • Solidity
  • Web3JS
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • IPFS
  • ReactJS
  • Truffle
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