Web Application

ePrescription Application

Business Requirement
  • To integrate prescription module to the existing online consultation platform(Veritas)
  • Integrate the Dosespot software to the online consultation platform
  • Used the REST APis provided by the Dosespot platform for various tasks such as adding , deleting, updating prescription, updating patient, Physician details and add or update pharmacies list.
  • Dosespot provide two environments staging for development and the other for production purposes.
  • To access any API( Bearer token) is required and which is obtained upon providing the username (encrypted user id) and password encrypted (clinic id ). The token will be active only 10 minutes in the staging environment.
  • IFrame is used to integrate and display the Dosespot UI.
  • Java8
  • IPFS
  • Web3JS
  • ReactJS
  • mongoDB
  • Truffle
  • NodeJS

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