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Getthat – Online Classifieds Platform


One of the leading news publishers in the Middle East approached us in need of an onlineclassifieds platform to boost their online presence and increase their reach.

  • The requirement was to build an online classifieds platform for jobs, properties, autos and other classifieds.
  • Filters like location, price, make and model across different verticals for better search must be available
  • The admin must be given access to monitor the users and their actions on the platform.
  • Subscription system for sellers to place ads in the platform.
  • The functionalities must be grouped based on verticals and scale up/down based on requirement.
  • The platform should be smart about handling peaks in traffic and scale smoothly to prevent site outages/ unnecessary billing costs.
  • All the platform functionalities were split based on verticals/sections and implemented as stand alone micro services with Vert.x.
  • These micro services were monitored and automatically scaled up/down based on varying user loads across different sections of the site at different times.
  • We wanted the search results be available at nanosecond rates and hence utilised DynamoDB for faster and efficient query.
  • SQS/SNS were used as persistent communication channels across site modules.
  • Java
  • Amazon SQS
  • AWS Lambda
  • DynamoDB
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon SNS
  • Vert.x
  • Json

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