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The client approached us in need for building a system that would help to track the energy consumption of each user. The system must be capable to give suggestions to cut down one’s consumption levels. The platform must be having the following features:

  • Users will get various insights from their usage pattern in hourly/daily/weekly/monthly & yearly basis.
  • Graphical representation of usage must be available to the users.
  • Provide suggestion regarding user’s power consumption.
  • Cumulative energy statistics and peak usage for power must be shown.
  • To stream the current and voltage values from the IOT devices.
  • To generate near real time results and store the calculated values from large set of devices, wasn’t possible with the conventional relational databases.
  • Developed Spark streaming module that streams data from devices.
  • Developed Spark aggregation jobs that stores the results to MongoDB.
  • Created a platform that helps the users to be aware of their energy consumption levels.
  • The user gets recommendations on how they can save energy.
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