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Real Estate Rental and Sale Web Application

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Based on the Client’s requirements, we needed to develop a Real Estate Website which includes the provision for buying and selling of various properties. In addition to this, the application also provides a platform for the users who are interested in sharing or renting their flats. It also included the sale of structures under construction, construction equipment, building materials and other services. The website was supposed to be handled by the admin who has the higher power to approve or reject the properties, construction structures, equipment, materials, and services.

  • Abstraction of site privileges between admin users and normal users.
  • Various filters to narrow down customer requirements while searching.
  • Admin users should have the provision to approve/reject listed properties, constructions, equipment, materials, and services.
  • Admin users should be able to add or remove categories.
  • In order to include additional features to the admin panel, the Python Django default admin interface was customized and redesigned for extensibility. Users were categorized as admins, sellers, and buyers.
  • Customized Filters were implemented based on customer requirements. Django REST framework and custom query set were also implemented.
  • Dexlock implemented a real estate web application which is user-friendly with a professional and modern design to the client’s taste.
  • When a new user register, the admin gets a notification for which the admin can decide to approve or reject the user. Similarly the admin can approve or reject the properties, materials, services, constructions, flats added by a user. The user will be notified about the approval and rejection.
  • Python 2.7.6
  • PostgreSQL
  • Django
  • Google Map
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