Machine Learning

Web Application


Business Requirement
  • To develop a web application platform that has the potential to generate automated content on trending topics.
  • Automated Content such as AI generated articles , tweets , captions ,coining keywords, generating blogs which are trending on the Internet,.
  •  Increasing SEO of the blogs by autogenerating article with the presence of the keywords.
  • Payment gateway system need to be integrated with this application for online payment to choose plans.
  • Produces trending terminologies in the internet based on the query string entered by the end user using custom word embeddings.
  •  Which later consumed by a transformer based neural network architecture to produce rich SEO articles.
  • Provides the content markets the upper hand to create content quickly and make significant impact.
  • Credit card information is sent to authorize.net’s from client side using accept.js and the opaque data received sent back to back end which transactions are made securely through their API(credit card number is not sent back to back end).
  • React JS
  • Mongo db
  • Java 8
  • react.js
  • Python
  • Keystone.js
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