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Business Requirement
  • To Develop an eCommerce platform for selling retail products.
  • Should be able to add multiple franchises.
  • Should be able to manage stocks and multiple warehouses.
  • High responsive Web and Mobile applications to ensure the best online shopping experience.
  • Enabling different stores to sell their products with the platform by setting up a storefront of their store.
  • Content Management System to help buyers learn about products and platforms in a detailed manner.
  • eCommerce platform built with key modules such as Admin, Customer and Seller.
  • The frontend of the web application is build on React.JS and the backend is built on Java.

      Customer Module

  • Users can browse, wishlist,compare and buy products of various categories.
  • Browse products through various categories and subcategories.
  • View product related details like description, price, images & customer reviews.
  • Wishlist Products: Users have an option to wishlist their favourite product and choose to buy them later by moving it to the cart.  
  • Compare Products: Customers go through a dilemma while choosing a product. The products under similar category of various brands sold by various sellers can be compared for the details and customer reviews to reach the best decision.
  • Add products to shopping cart with one click and can get timely updates on the orders are provided to the customer. Customer can also view the status or current location of the order.

      Seller Module

  • Sellers can register their stores on the website. Upon confirmation from admin they will have a separate page for the store with their name in the sub-domain. 
  • Seller can decide to show the products under different section and can set up his store for the customers.
  • Seller can manage product catalog and details. They can also upload products in bulk.
  • Sellers receive order details instantaneously and can update the status of each order they receive.
  • Different offers like Buy one Get one, % discount, etc can be added and managed from the seller module.
  • Sellers can determine the shipping cost for the different categories of products. 

      Admin Module

  • Manage merchants and customers: Admin can manage sellers or customers, deactivate them, and remove them.
  • Admin can manage various contents displayed on the website like the Privacy policy, About Us page, Terms & Conditions and so on with the help of a text editor module.
  • All the products listed in the application are reviewed and approved by the admin to ensure that they comply with the regulations.
  • The stores would be approved by the admin, once the seller uploads the required documents like TRN certificate, Passport, etc.
  • Admin has options to generate and manage vouchers/discount codes. The voucher codes can be made available to specific users, while discount codes would be available for all the registered users. Admin can decide to generate vouchers/discounts specific to store/ category/ subcategory/ product/ across the whole site.
  • React JS
  • Elastic Search
  • Java
  • Eclipse Vert.x
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