ClickHouse and Aerospike: Fuelling Ad Tech Solutions

Aug 25, 2022by, Maheswari C S


Imagine you run a highly successful Ad Tech company that handles tons of data everyday. It is only natural that you get into a bidding war with your competitors for online ad placement and delivery. With the current regional data regulations, your company will need to rely on other sources to build web profiles needed for marketing. This suggests that your company must handle massive amounts of data per day. As a result, you turn to a real-time data platform. Okay, this is basic.

Now, imagine if your database management system could not only store data, but also perform complex queries and highly analytical functions at unimaginable speed and accuracy? What if they offer an automated, database-driven marketing system with fast look-ups for real-time bidding and more? Here’s where ClickHouse and Aerospike databases come into play. ClickHouse and Aerospike are advanced databases of Relational and Non-relational types, respectively.

ClickHouse :

What sets ClickHouse apart from its SQL peers is the impeccable speed with which it operates a query. Originally the trump card that enabled analytic applications for Russian internet giants Yandex’s massive ad network, this database mainly works for online analytical processing of queries or OLAP. Unlike row-oriented databases that scan through entire datasets, this column-oriented database skips over irrelevant information to perform complex queries on tables with billions of data in a matter of milliseconds.

So what is it that makes ClickHouse special for Ad Tech?

  • ClickHouse allows for real-time data intake from hundreds of ad servers at speeds that no other disk-based DBMS can match. It can be used to store campaign budgets, DMP data, and raw logs. The ClickHouse cluster can handle millions of data inserts per second and includes built-in data aggregation and distribution techniques.
  • ClickHouse is mostly used to store RTB data, which contains trillions of rows in a massive geo-distributed cluster that processes queries and powers reports, dashboards, ML algorithms and ad-hoc explorations that have never been easier or more possible.
  • It is commonly seen that marketers squander most of their time preparing data collected from multiple sources for analysis. With ClickHouse’s SQL dialect, statistics regarding advertising transactions can be displayed in the user interface in real-time. This assists business analysts to set up a solid working system that generates and learns from these statistical reports.
  • Other advantages of ClickHouse are that it is easily manageable since a single database administrator (DBA) can serve multiple highly available clusters in different regions. The use of a single database system for several functions reduces the cost of infrastructure and staffing requirements. In addition, it is an open source platform that provides linear scalability due to its built-in sharding operations.

Aerospike :

Aerospike takes NoSQL databases to the next level by doing all they’re supposed to do and more. It provides horizontal scalability (from gigabytes to petabytes) and has exceptional cross datacenter replication for a distributed real-time database. Modeled under the shared-nothing architecture, it delivers strong consistency, high-reliability, and secure data management. With its patented hybrid memory, it is able to attain RAM-like performance with less expensive flash storage. Aerospike also acts as a managed service that breaks free from vendor lock-in and can be installed in any public, private, or multi-cloud environment.

For Ad Tech Aerospike comes in handy because,

  • It provides an automated, database-driven programmatic marketing system. It serves as a data management platform for the data generated by ad campaigns and impressions. It allows advertisers, media agencies, ad networks, and app developers to distribute their online ad inventories to demand sources in real-time.
  • Aeropsike offers incredibly fast look-ups for real-time bidding in the pipeline to enhance streaming data. What’s more is that it offers data consistency across geographically scattered data centers and provides real-time delivery of bid requests in SSP auctions. It also assists the management and optimization of monetary techniques by leveraging multiple sources of advertising demand.
  • Advanced clustering abilities make replication of data possible, which protects data against node and other failures. Encrypted storage and in-database transparent data encryption are key features of Aerospike. Moreover, it guarantees authentication, access control, and exception logging.

Considering the prospects ClickHouse and Aerospike offer, it is safe to say that they could be the game changer your Ad Tech company is looking for.

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